Jumat, 29 Maret 2013


  1. Before Edison invented a lamp which conducted electricity, gas had been the chief means of lighting home and streets.
  2. I saw an old friend of mine­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ When  I was entering the building.
  3. Because his car was much too small, he decided to sell it.
  4. He won’t pass the examination Unless  he study harder.
  5. Wherever he went, he was warmly received.
  6. That executive acts as if  he owns the company.
  7.   If  I get the money on time, I can go on my vacation.
  8. Although  She spends a lot of money on clothes, they never seem to suit her.
  9.   I have a lot of extra work to do When my assistant is on vacation.
  10.  After they moved into an expensive apartment, they have become very snobbish.
  11. When  someone broke into her house and stole her jewelry, she was next door chatting with her neighbour.
  12. It’s wherever  warm today so that  I’m going to the beach.
  13. Although my uncle has worked hard all his life, he could never save up enough money to go on a long vacation.
  14. We will go to the theatre with you tonight If  we can get a baby- sitter.
  15. Don’t give this package to him before he sign a receipt for it.
  16. We’re unless pleased with these new towels so that we’re going to buy some more.
  17. Before Hitler believed that Germans were the master race, he set out to conquer all of Europe.
  18. Since I was in South America last year, I learned to speak Spanish.
  19. He looks as if  he hasn’t ever changed his clothes.
  20. Repairs will be made if  they are necessary.

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